Interesting Stats

University Applicants in the North of England
Taxis used
1 Month
Campaign duration

Manchester Metropolitan University

Your Journey Starts Here

Campaign Summary:

  • Taxi advertising campaign with the Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Targeting both College leavers and young adults though-out the north west
  • Eye-catching superside ads travelled across both Liverpool and Manchester
  • Millions expected to attend the upcoming event

MMU Targets potential Students in Liverpool & Manchester

LTA has partnered up with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to take their message to the streets of Liverpool and Manchester utilising the very effective Taxi Super-side format in order to raise awareness of the plethora of courses available to potential students looking to enrol in 2017.

A series of eye catching creative was used to promote the university during November which is a busy time for universities as they try to rush potential customers through the door and on to the books. Each creative combined striking solid colours with images depicting courses for a variety of disciplines ranging from Cinematography to Chemistry and accompanied by the strap line “Your Journey starts here”.

Supersides are a fantastic way to target large segments and diverse audiences, offering unrivalled coverage and huge brand exposure at competitive prices.

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