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bottles of water sold in UK annually
market value of bottled water industry
to target in London with taxi ads


"The world's best drinking water"

Campaign Summary:

  • Superside taxi advertising campaign in London
  • Cabs promoted Isbre, Norweigan drinking water on sale on Amazon UK
  • The taxis raised brand awareness of Isbre with bright creative standing out
  • Superside advertising is ideal for short to medium term campaigns

London taxi campaign for Isbre drinking water

London Taxi Advertising worked with drinking water brand Isbre on an eye-catching taxi campaign in the UK capital.

Superside advertisements brought the Isbre brand to the streets of London, informing the public of the “world’s best drinking water”, which is sourced from Norweigan glaciers.

A fleet of traditional London black cabs were transformed to carry the crisp and clear branding of Isbre, turning heads in a busy urban environment and offering the brand mass exposure.

Superside advertising is ideal for short to medium campaigns, offering brands and businesses a cost-effective method of reaching a large and diverse audience as cabs travel across busy cities, working as mobile billboards.

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