Interesting Stats

3 months
Campaign Length
Taxis used
UK Aviation market value


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Campaign Summary:

  • Taxi advertising campaign in London with carrier Icelandair
  • Superside black cabs promoting the airline’s flight form London to Iceland & North America
  • Cabs used for fantastic PR shots outside of Buckingham Palace
  • Interior advertising also targeting those travelling on board the cabs

Icelandair have got onboard with London Taxi Advertising to showcase the carrier in style

London Taxi Advertising worked with Iceland airline, on an eye-catching cab campaign in the British capital.

A striking blue chequered pattern creative with nothing else but the company name is being used to promote the brand throughout the year as they compete for slice of consumer sales duvet.

The creative utilises their classic Hästens check, a jacquard woven fabric a functional design and innovative weave which has made Hästens blue check an icon of bedding culture and a guarantee of authentic quality.

Full wrapped black cabs are a fantastic way to target large segments and diverse audiences, offering unrivalled coverage for consumers at all levels and including commuters.

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