Interesting Stats

years of Hong Kong as an SAR
to target in London
notice new taxi ads

Hong Kong Tourism

Tourist board celebrates 20 years as an SAR

Campaign Summary:

  • 100 taxis in London for Hong Kong Tourism
  • Campaign celebrating 20 years of Hong Kong as an SAR
  • Superside ads offering cost-effective marketing
  • Taxis also carried interior messaging and branding

Hong Kong Tourism Launches Heavyweight Campaign

London Taxi Advertising has joined forces with the Hong Kong Tourism board to launch an eye-catching new superside taxi advertising campaign.

The campaign has been coordinated to commemorate 20 years of Hong Kong as an SAR (Special Administrative Region), and drive interest in it as a tourist destination.

Superside taxi advertising is a cost-effective media format and a great way to raise brand awareness in a busy urban environment, transforming the iconic London black cab into an effective mobile billboard.

The campaign is further enhanced by on board advertising in the form of tip seats and branded receipt pads. This will allow Hong Kong Tourism to target those passengers travelling on board the London taxis.

To discuss what a superside taxi advertising campaign could do for your business, get in touch with one of our London Taxi Advertising specialists today!