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UK drivers to target
major cities advertised in
combined reach of this campaign


The world's leading Sat Nav provider

Campaign Summary:

  • Nationwide campaign with global technology company Garmin
  • 3 month campaign across London, Belfast, Manchester and Liverpool
  • Superside adverts encouraged the public to purchase a Garmin Sat Nav device
  • Each cab fully-equipped with the latest Garmin Sat Nav product

LTA and Garmin encourage the UK to “Upgrade to the Global Sat Nav Leader”

This three month superside advertising campaign saw Garmin reach consumers on the streets of four major UK cities, with customised cabs in London, Belfast, Liverpool and Manchester.


The white advertisements stood out against the traditional black cab, demanding attention from audiences throughout each city.

A sleek design and clear branding encouraged fellow motorists to “upgrade to the Global Sat Nav Leader.”

Each taxi which carried the branding of the tech company was also fitted with the latest Garmin device, the 2529LMT-D Sat Nav, allowing drivers to navigate the streets of their respective city with ultimate ease!

By advertising in busy, traffic-filled cities, Garmin’s campaign guaranteed brand¬†exposure in front of a relevant audience of motorists who would benefit from the company’s extensive range of products.