Interesting Stats

to target in the Glasgow region
victims of identity fraud each year
full livery taxi advertisements


Global information services group

Campaign Summary:

  • Taxi advertising campaign in Glasgow
  • Colourful full livery branded taxis travelling across the city
  • Creative warns the public of the dangers of I.D theft
  • Campaign enhanced by interior taxi advertising (tip seats)

Taxi ads warn Glasgow about identity theft dangers

London Taxi Advertising has teamed up with global information services group Experian to launch a new taxi ad campaign in Glasgow.

The full livery taxi campaign saw every available inch of the famous black cab covered in Experian’s creative, with powerful messaging highlighting the ever-present dangers of identity theft.

The cabs also display the brand’s website,, encouraging people to find out more online. It was enhanced by interior tip seat advertising and branded receipt pads, targeting passengers both inside and outside of the cab.

The purple-coloured taxis caught the eye of countless demographics as they travelled across the major Scottish city and its surrounding areas, which is home to 2.3 million people.

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