Interesting Stats

of business professionals live in London
of ABC1 adults recall cab advertisements
population of Greater London


Global tech company offering revolutionary meeting software for businesses

Campaign Summary:

  • London taxi advertising campaign with eShare
  • Full livery ads transforming the iconic London black cab
  • White creative helping the cabs to stand out from the crowd
  • Taxis used for PR purposes and photoshoots with eShare directors

LTA campaign encourages London to get on board with eShare 

London Taxi Advertising launched a new taxi campaign with eShare, a UK-based global company which creates bespoke meeting software for businesses.

The tech company opted for a striking full livery (full wrap) taxi advertising campaign, with every available inch of the famous London black cab covered by eShare branding.

The eye-catching cabs were live on the streets of London, targeting business professionals and influential decision makers in some of the city’s key financial areas.

The campaign was further enhanced with interior tip seat and receipt pad branding to targeting potential consumers travelling on board the taxis.

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