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to target in London
superside ads
value of outdoor clothing industry


Outdoor clothing and equipment specialist

Campaign Summary:

  • Superside advertising campaign with outdoor clothing company Cotswold
  • Cabs promoting the new Saloman Speedcross 4 trainer
  • Taxi advertising in London reaching a huge audience
  • Interior advertsing reached those travelling on board the taxis

Outdoor clothing company targets the capital

London Taxi Advertising worked alongside outdoor clothing and equipment specialist Cotswold on a new taxi advertising campaign in London.

Superside advertisements in the capital targeted those who enjoy an active lifestyle, promoting the new Speedcross 4 trainer, available exclusively at Cotswold.

A large fleet of cabs carried the eye-catching branding, with the red creative standing out against the London traffic on the famous black cab.

Interior advertising in the form of tip seats and branded receipt pads also targeted those on board the taxis, showcasing the new Saloman trainer and ensuring the Cotswold brand sticks in the memory of passengers.

Superside taxi advertising is ideal for short to medium campaigns, offering brands high amounts of exposure in a cost-effective way. To start your journey with London Taxi Advertising, get in touch with us today.