Interesting Stats

value of the UK soft drinks market
to target in London
Cawston-branded cabs

Cawston Press

Hand-picked, hand-pressed delicious sparkling fruit juice

Campaign Summary:

  • Taxi advertising campaign promoting Cawston Press
  • Full livery ads providing maximum exposure of the brand
  • Interior tip seat and receipt pads targeting those on board the cabs
  • Bright white creative transformed the iconic London black taxi

Soft drink brands brings colour and flavour to the capital

London Taxi Advertising teamed up with soft drinks brand Cawston Press to launch a new cab campaign in the capital.

The colourful taxis turned heads on the streets of the UK’s busiest city, raising awareness of the brand amongst a large and diverse audience of millions.

Full livery cabs promoted Cawston’s fantastic range of flavours – rhubarb, ginger beer, apple and elderflower – and saw the iconic London black cab given a colourful makeover, helping the brand to make an impact on the streets.

Full wrap cabs see every available inch of the taxi covered by a brand’s creative, and are ideal for brands looking to make a real impact with their advertising.

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