Radio City 2 Gets Around Liverpool by Taxi

A taxi advertising campaign curated by London Taxi Advertising on behalf of Radio City 2 has hit the streets of Liverpool to promote its new frequency of 105.9FM.

The radio station – part of Bauer Media Group – has made use of a fleet of classic black cabs which have been transformed into vibrant, eye-catching full livery cabs coloured in the bright and bold pink and blue colours that are consistent with the Radio City 2 brand.

radio city 2 taxi liverpool

The promotional activity will engage both new and existing listeners in a city renowned for music whilst also enforcing the brands identity in and around the Mersey city. The ‘Greatest Hits for the Greatest City’ campaign effectively balances medium and design to produce a truly stunning visual that will grasp the attention of the people whilst ensuring they are informed about the radio station’s new frequency.

the eye-catching taxis in liverpool

The cabs have been out and about on the streets of Liverpool recently as part of the Radio City 2 Breakfast Magical Mystery Tour. Breakfast show presenter Rossie is hitting the road to host the show live from the branded cab every Friday for four weeks. The station’s promo team are also travelling around the city handing out free goodies to the people of Liverpool.

radio city taxi pr in liverpool

Liverpool as a city is the birthplace of some of the most famous musicians in the world; with the city built on culture, art and community with people choosing to live here because of the strong artistic roots. This city is the perfect location for this style of advertising with high levels of exposure to a diverse audience.

Paul Tremarco, London Taxi Advertising’s Sales Director, comments on this campaign stating:

Working with Radio City 2 and their brand has really brought life to Liverpool, the full livery taxis  look incredible and they are bound to turn heads. I cannot wait to see the success of this campaign which will undoubtedly help this radio station raise awareness of their new FM frequency.

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