Plan Insurance With London Taxi Advertising

Independent insurance provider, Plan Insurance, is working with London Taxi Advertising to boost their specialised Taxi Plan insurance services to taxi drivers in London. The adverts will present the chauffer insurer directly in front of their target audience of taxi drivers.

Through the use of rear window advertising and branded receipt pads, Plan Insurance will generate a presence for their Taxi Plan service through the capital, reaching out to the 22,000 licensed black cabs in London. Taxi Plan strives to support those who drive a black cab, offering exclusive rates and various benefits therefore helping to reduce their high insurance premiums.

Unlike other campaigns, London Taxi Advertising will market Taxi Plan directly to the drivers themselves as opposed to the general public, due to the nature of their product. While conventional taxi advertising formats are designed to gain maximum exposure across the public, the use of rear window advertising and receipt pads will specifically expose Taxi Plan to black cab drivers.