Peterborough Regional College Reaches Out to Students with LTA

peterborough superside black taxi cabPeterborough Regional College has enlisted London Taxi Advertising to help launch their latest marketing initiative.


Taxi superside advertising is being used to engage with students as the new academic year begins.


Playing on the taxi ad format, the campaign encourages prospective students to “Drive your career in the right direction”. The stylish design blends seamlessly with the iconic colour of traditional black cabs, using bright pink and white lettering to help the college’s message stand out on the streets of Peterborough.


The campaign also clearly details the college’s web address and contact number as a call to action.


As students begin their final years of school education, Peterborough Regional College’s campaign is perfectly timed and positioned to encourage students to consider the college as the choice for their further education.


With no limits to route or destination, taxis are a fantastic way to maximise reach to a city-based audience. Used, and seen by a wide demographic, this superside campaign will help carry Peterborough College to the right people, in the right places.