Lomo Mobile call on London Taxi Advertising as part of their UK Launch

London Taxi Advertising has been commissioned by Lomo Mobile to promote the launch of their company in the UK with a full livery taxi campaign.


As the UK’s newest prepaid international mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Lomo Mobile are releasing a fleet of taxis across London to advertise their international and UK pay as you go services.


The full wrap branded taxis cleverly use the whole of the creative space of the cab, with the design creating the illusion of someone appearing from behind the taxi door.


Clear, simple and effective, the campaign clearly features Lomo Mobile’s logo and website address, encouraging audiences to visit the site.


Full livery taxi advertising is the ideal format for a long-term campaign to promote a brand or service such as Lomo Mobile. Driving the campaign throughout the capital enables the opportunity for Lomo Mobile to target and influence any consumer with international, and in particular African, phone call requirements.lomo-logo