Glasgow To Invest In Remarkable Indonesia

Indonesia Investment Promotional Centre is working with London Taxi Advertising to launch a fleet of branded taxis promoting the country’s investment opportunities.


The campaign will feature as taxi superside advertising on Glasgow’s black cabs; using bold, informative designs to encourage audiences to “Invest in remarkable Indonesia”.


The superside advertising promotes Indonesia as the “New economic giant” and directs people to the BKPM website – the online home of the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia.


Interior tip seats act as an internal extension of the campaign, reinforcing the supersides by using statistics to illustrate the country’s economic and investment growth. The interior adverts also carry the “Invest in remarkable Indonesia” strapline to ensure a clear message and strongly branded campaign.


Using the superside format is an ideal way to launch a short to medium term campaign in the city of a targeted area, and will allow this campaign to effectively reach valuable ABC1 consumers throughout Glasgow


As a mobile advertising format, taxis also provide the potential for the Indonesian Investment Promotional Centre’s message to reach beyond the city and target an even wider demographic.