Target Passengers Inside and Out with an LTA Campaign

At London Taxi Advertising we pride ourselves on delivering top of the range ad campaigns that see your advertisements transform the iconic London black cab into an effective mobile billboard. Offering high exposure and eye catching in their nature, our full wrap and superside taxi advertisements are a fantastic way for businesses to increase brand awareness and to make an impact on the streets of the capital.

That said, at London Taxi Advertising we go far beyond providing just exterior advertising solutions, with a range of advertising formats available to target taxi passengers also available.

Taxi Advertising London Tip Seat

With an average journey time of 25 minutes, interior taxi advertising is an extension of your external branding and is an effective way of directly targeting taxi passengers when they are in an isolated, captive and comfortable environment.

High dwell time means that your advertisements will provide a welcome distraction for commuters, business people and shoppers using a black cab to get around the city.

Formats such as tip sheet advertisements allow you to include more detailed information about your business, and with 64% of Londoners using mobile and tablet devices whilst travelling it can be a great way to encourage passengers to visit your website and social media channels when they’re on the move. You can even include interactive elements such as QR codes in your advertisements- making it even easier for potential consumers to locate your brand online.

Tip seats, as well as branded receipt pads, act as an extension of an exterior taxi campaign and are a brilliant way of allowing passengers to absorb your advertisements at leisure. For more information, get in touch with London Taxi Advertising today.