About Us

London Taxi Advertising – Often imitated, never bettered.

As the UK’s premier taxi advertising agency, London Taxi Advertising has been driving brands to success for ten years.

Since launching, London Taxi Advertising has evolved by continuing to push boundaries to utilise innovative and traditional taxi advertising formats.

We create bespoke, targeted and cost-effective ad campaigns for advertisers, marketers and businesses of all sizes; consistently delivering unbeatable results.

And our team is continually growing- as a result of hard work and dedication to this exciting, ever-evolving industry.

Our London Taxi Advertising experts are committed to providing you with the best service possible at fantastic prices, with black cab advertising available not just in whole of London, but also rest of the UK.

We are proud of our heritage and the high quality taxi advertising services we deliver to our customers. With discount available for agency bookings, London Taxi Advertising is your number one choice for taxi advertising.