Why Advertise on Taxis?

Taxi Advertising is the driving vehicle for global companies and small businesses alike to raise awareness of their brand in a standalone campaign, or to compliment other advertising efforts.

Taxi advertising can reach your audience on a street level and anchor your brand name and image in the minds of the public, continually proving to be one of the most cost effective and high impact Outdoor Advertising formats.

London Taxi Advertising will organise the taxi media space, and our team has access to the same cabs in all cities as any other taxi advertiser. Our in-house expert fitters have years of experience – they will wrap the taxis with vinyl to the highest standard and put them out on the road, ready to showcase your campaign onto the busy streets.

Taxis are a unique advertising tool that can be used to transport VIPs or important guests to your headquarters or special event, they can also be used in a promotional drive to give out samples, play your latest music or feature at a product premiere. Launch a captivating marketing vehicle which stimulates the senses of sight, sound and smell of the passenger in your branded vehicle.

Taxis offer coverage in all places that buses, trains or billboards cannot penetrate. They are a mobile media that can take your campaign message to any postcode you desire.