Tip Seats

Tip SeatsWith an estimated journey time of 25 minutes, interior advertising is an extension of your external branding and can directly target and influence taxi passengers who are in an isolated, comfortable and captive environment.


The high dwell time allows you to include more detailed information about your company on the Tip Seat can include website details, addresses, and interactive elements to engage commuters such as QR codes.


64% of Londoners use their tablet device while travelling or commuting and 85% of 25-34s agree that a mobile phone is more important than a PC / laptop. These figures are paramount when considering integrating your campaign message with new technologies within black cabs.


  • Regular users of taxis in London are overwhelmingly ABC1 and Business people
  • Tip Seats are an extension of the exterior campaign
  • Tip Seats showcase detailed information and passengers have the opportunity to read your message at leisure
  • Use Tip Seats to promote competitions, or add an interactive element using QR codes which can be scanned to direct your passenger to a specific page on the web