Taxi Screens

Taxi ScreensAdvertising on internal taxi screens offers further opportunity to extend your campaign to the interior of the vehicle whilst passengers are in an isolated, comfortable and captive environment.


The high dwell time of around 25 minutes allows you to showcase your brand on the taxi screens. If you are using taxi advertising to support a television campaign, you could display your TV commercial to the taxi passengers who are mostly ABC1 and Business people and traditionally watch less television than other audience demographics.

  • Extend your advertising to the interior of the taxi
  • Your brand message could reach up to 650,000 ABC1 consumers a month, a figure due to increase when more taxis introduce screens into their cabs
  • Currently playing in 700 Black Taxis
  • Adverts can be played on a loop 24/7, just on weekends, or have a bespoke screen meaning you can target your internal advert to particular audiences at a chosen times