Super Livery

Super Livery  FormatThe Super Livery format is the ideal way to stand out from the crowd by having the opportunity to cover every inch of a taxi – even the back passenger windows – thanks to contra-vision technology.


Both sides of the taxi are covered by your advertising creative, that you can supply or our expert team can take a brief and design for you. Super Liveries are high impact and offer notable brand exposure.

  • Ideal for campaigns focusing on brand exposure and maximum broadcasting opportunities
  • Supports high volume campaigns and extensive coverage
  • Every postcode the taxi travels is a new area your campaign targets
  • Ideal for PR events, product launches or escorting VIPs
  • Specify music, scents and take-away and internal branding (receipts and tip seats) in the taxi to launch a captivating marketing vehicle which stimulates the passenger’s senses of sight, sound and smell
  • Enhance the advertising campaign with brand ambassadors – we can educate drivers on your brand and products, who will offer commuters a one-to-one marketing experience