NEW – LTA Gold Pack

GO for Gold in London 2012 with the LTA Gold Pack

In honour of UK icons and The London 2012 Games, our team at London Taxi Advertising developed the Gold Frame taxi. The prestigious GOLD FRAME Superside will showcase your advertising creative in the most opulent of frames and prime locations, making your advert stand out above the rest.

The Gold Pack will be exclusive to taxis with the All London or Green Badge licence and can work throughout Greater London, giving you peace of mind that your advertising is going to be seen by a professional and quality AB audience.

Targeting the AB – ABC1 demographic in Central London, the LTA Gold Pack ensures taxis will be working in top boroughs in Central London such as the City of Westminster, Knightsbridge, London’s West End, Chelsea and Kensington. Taxi advertisers can reach the valuable audience of inner London working commuters, who on average earn 36% more than those employed in Outer London.


The GOLD FRAME Superside

The City of London is one of the most sought after locations in the world; using taxi advertising allows you to reach a valuable audience on a street level. The Golden Superside Pack will give an advertiser a presence in central London, allowing your advertising to be seen at the right time and in the right place, and attracting millions of Londoners and tourists on a weekly basis – a vital part of any brand’s advertising plan.

The unique Gold Frame sets the taxi apart from all other high street formats and outshines the traditional Superside.

However, you may be interested in our traditional superside format – click here for more information.


The GOLD FRAME Tip Seats

The LTA Gold Pack principally covers the central London boroughs. Workforces in these boroughs are predominantly managers and professionals of very high social grade and an attractive age (20 to 39) to advertisers.

An average taxi journey is 25 minutes in length, and tip seats offer the perfect addition to exterior advertising on the vehicle. The high dwell time allows you to include more detailed information about your company and can include your website details and address, or even interactive elements to engage commuters such as QR codes.

However, you may be interested in our traditional Tip Seat format – click here for more information.