Interactive Taxi Advertising

Interactive FormatTaxis advertising can be used as a strong standalone format or as part of a high impact campaign to support other marketing activities.


Taxis are a unique advertising tool that can used to transport VIPs or important guests to your headquarters or special event, they can also be used in a promotional drive to give out product samples, play your latest music or feature at a product premiere. Launch a captivating marketing vehicle which stimulates the passenger’s senses of sight, sound and smell in your branded vehicle.


  • Use QR codes on Tip Seats to allow competition entries or encourage audience traffic back to your website and interact with your company
  • Use special text codes / numbers or website links internally and externally to increase visits to your website or direct contact with your company from passengers, pedestrians and motorists
  • We can train drivers to be brand ambassadors and interact with passengers to discuss your company branding, innovation or new product whilst in their taxi, offering a one-to-one marketing experience
  • Display your branding on internal taxi screens
  • Stimulate the senses with music specific to your campaign, or smells specific to your brand