Stan James target Birmingham

Following January’s launch of Manchester-based taxi advertising to promote bookmaker Stan James, the campaign’s success has prompted a subsequent branded fleet in the city of Birmingham. While the Manchester campaign is already generating a promising response, the Birmingham version is scheduled to mimic the 12-month duration in order to saturate both key cities with the brand.


Encouraging onlookers to ‘BET NOW ON YOUR MOBILE’, the bright green fully-wrapped taxis feature a mobile phone image which highlights their online betting service. The web address is presented in bold, white lettering, ensuring that it will effectively direct the public to the company’s digital interface. A promotional code is also printed on the cab’s bonnet, increasing customer interest.


The use of taxi advertising allows the brand to target a broad audience at street level, with repeated and long-lasting circulation increasing the likelihood that the website will be mentally retained by observers.  The iconic taxi vehicle can’t help but be noticed by onlookers, and their localised base facilitates effective geographical targeting.

Taxi Advertising Stan James Birmingham 1024x768 Stan James target Birmingham

 Stan James target Birmingham

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