London 2012

You may not be aware of the fantastic services that London Taxi Advertising can offer to support your campaigns during Landmark events in the UK calendar during 2012.

“Visitors to the UK won’t be watching TV, reading UK newspapers or listening to radio but outdoor will be visible throughout the Games and in the run up.” Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre. Taxi advertising can reach audiences on a street level, and anchor your clients brand name and image in the minds of the public, yet still proves to be one of the most cost effective and high impact Outdoor Advertising formats.

London Taxi Advertising covers all of the UK and understands the needs of agencies and clients and is always looking for creative ways to meet them. See our Olympic Gold Pack

Landmark events in the UK Calendar are integral to all advertising schedules; London Taxi Advertising can plan a campaign around a product launch, special event and bank holidays and Olympic celebrations, which will see the public celebrating on the streets of Britain, receptive to Outdoor Advertising during their extra time spent outside.

To mark 60 years of the Queen’s reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place around an extended weekend in 2012 from 2nd – 5th June. The London Olympic advertising period begins 25th June – 17th September 2012, with the opening ceremony on the 27th July and closing ceremony 12th August falling between those dates.

Order Taxi advertising now for the 2012 Olympic period and target an international audience.

Clarification on the London Olympics 2012:

We have now had confirmation branded taxis will be exempt from any regulations regarding advertising during the Olympic Games. We can assist you in planning your taxi campaign around London to ensure you target the best travelling routes of visitors to the event, be them major tube stations or international airports. See our Olympic Gold Pack 

Over 75% of all taxi space for the Olympic period has already been booked so it is time to make your move.