London Taxi Advertising

As a Taxi Advertising Agency LTA has built a relationship with the best drivers in London and across the UK who want to be ambassadors for your brand. Advertising on a black cab has the potential to be seen by over 30 million people each week, and that’s not including the passengers who use your branded taxi and engage with a dedicated driver.


London Taxi Advertising has evolved by uniting the in-house fitting and design team with the bank of driver contacts, and ultimately listening to customer feedback. LTA has continued to push boundaries to utilise innovative and traditional taxi advertising formats to create bespoke campaigns for advertisers, making us the leading taxi advertising agency in London and the UK.

 “The team at London Taxi Advertising have a synergy with the world of taxi advertising that cannot be beaten, nor imitated”

External and internal advertising is complimented further by the London Taxi Advertising team, by offering branded tip seats, receipt pads, interactive elements, and also training drivers to become brand ambassadors. These then offer samples, spray perfumes and aftershaves, and play particular music – offering a full sensory marketing experience to passengers. There is no end to the possibilities!


LTA’s team has continued to grow as a result of hard work and dedication to this evolving industry. Our experts are committed to providing you with the best service possible from any taxi advertising agency in the UK. We are proud of our heritage and high quality taxi advertising services delivered to agencies and clients.


We also offer discount for agency bookings.


Contact LTA on 0203 411 1777 to find out more, or to discuss your campaign requirements.